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We want you to come audit and see for yourself why so many actors keep coming back to our commercials gym.  The core of our belief system is that you can’t teach an actor how to book  but what you can do… is teach actors the tools they need in the room and most importantly, how to be the most authentic versions of themselves.

Whether you are a first time actor learning the basics, or a veteran who wants to come brush up and get a “workout,” we provide a safe place for you to “work out” your acting muscles and build the acting chops you want.

What makes this class different is that it’s from the actor’s point of view. What do you need and what do you need to do?  Commercials aren’t another medium. They’re just another point of view.

To schedule an audit, or if you have any other questions about our classes, please call (323) 646-1268 or e-mail us at

Who are Rob and Jolene?

Rob Brownstein

Over a career spanning more than twenty years, Rob has been in over fifty national, regional and international commercials for companies like Audi, Capital One, Lucky Charms, Dell, Athena Health, FedEx, Time Warner Cable, Lipton Iced Tea, Wells Fargo, US Cellular, Marriott, Bank of America, Heineken, Quickbooks, Taco Bell, State Farm, Breyer’s, Diet Coke, Exxon, Budweiser and many, many others.

As a Voice Over artist he’s lent his talents to several video games, including Killzone 3, Soul Suspect, and Grand Theft Auto 5, as well as a multitude of radio and TV spots. 

Rob has also taught at Beverly Hills Playhouse, The Circle Rep School of Theatre in N.Y., New York Film Academy and others. He’s been a guest director/instructor at Yale University for the Dramat and at USC and UCLA in their Graduate Playwrighting Programs.

He has been Director of Development for Palisades Pictures and a Director/Writer for the Walt Disney Co. 

He has two remarkable children, Will and Finney.

Jolene Kay

Jolene Kay has been a constant in television and film for more than a decade, as well as appearing in countless commercials for companies like Home Depot, Nissan, Toyota, Dr. Scholls, Naked Juice, Nespresso, Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Farmers Insurance, American Airlines and more.  Her numerous film and television credits include Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, House of Lies, Star Trek, Colony, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Rizzoli & Isles, and Flaked.

Additionally, Jolene has worked for many years as a well-respected session director in casting, allowing her a unique perspective in the classroom, where she brings her experience as both an actor, and someone who works side-by-side with casting directors, into her training.

She believes firmly that you cannot teach an actor how to “book a job.”  You can only teach them how to be the most authentic version of themselves in the room, to have fun and enjoy the process of telling a story, and that is the simple secret to success.

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